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CloudBase from Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture

CloudBase RTK NTRIP Modem - for John Deere StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 GPS Receiver

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CloudBase by Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture

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CloudBase RTK NTRIP Modem for Sale
A bolt-on 4G LTE Modem for RTCM3 RTK Corrections for use with John Deere StarFire™ GPS Receivers
From Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture


The CloudBase RTK NTRIP Modem is a bolt-on solution for providing RTK corrections to a John Deere StarFire™ GPS Receiver through a onboard 4G LTE modem. The onboard global cellular modem works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and other carriers to provide RTK corrections over the internet. No radio frequencies or channel ID's, no towers, no line of sight issues. Unlike satellite delivered SF-RTK there's no $1,5000 per year per receiver subscription cost, plus you'll get full GPS accuracy within minutes! You'll also benefit from 14 Days of RTK Extend on StarFire™ 7000 and StarFire™ 7500 receivers (including integrated receivers) if the modem, base station or caster should fail at any step.


The CloudBase modem works with John Deere StarFire™ GPS using the John Deere OEM mRTK license. On a StarFire™ 7000 or StarFire™ 7500 (including integrated models built into the roof line), the mRTK license is a one-time fee included with the RTK Permanent activation. In other words, 7000 or 7500 setup to run radio or modem based RTK is ready for CloudBase RTK. Configuration of IP Address, Port Number, Mount Point, and Username and Password can be done on-screen of 2630 and newer displays or via wifi hotspot and your smartphone tablet or computer. Note: the wifi hotspot is for configuration only and does not pass data to other devices.


The CloudBase works very will with state government operated CORS networks and has been tested with Indiana CORS, Michigan CORS, Ohio CORS and North Carolina CORS. The CloudBase should be compatible with any RTCM3 / MSM4 internet connected base stations. A Novatel base station such as PwrPak7 is available now through Lance Lefurbe via and more options are on the way as well. Existing Novatel, AgLeader, Trimble, and other brand base stations that connect to a caster serving RTCM3 or MSM4 RTK Messages over the internet will work as well. I believe older CMR base stations with casters connected to the internet will work too, however the newer RTCM3 format is better. CloudBase does not contain a 900mhz or 450mhz radio and therefore does not work with radio-based base stations / towers unless that base station is also connected to the internet via a caster.


Q: Do I absolutely need a StarFire™ 7000 or 7500 with RTK Permanent activation?
A: CloudBase will work with StarFire™ 3000 RTK Ready and StarFire™ 6000 RTK Ready GPS Receivers as well, however in North America, the mRTK activation needed is an annual $1,250 per year subscription on the 3000 and 6000 GPS receivers. Therefore a StarFire™ 7000 or 7500 with the one-time RTK Permanent License (activation) that also includes permanent mRTK is best fit for use with the CloudBase modem in the United States.

Q: How much does a data plan cost?
A: I recommend getting an ATT or Verizon sim card from Data Activation center. A 1GB/month plan paid up front for 1 year is $270. I have these sim cards on-hand and can pre-install them for you. Other sim card / data plan providers may work, however some route data through foreign severs causing excessive latency issues, low cell tower priority and do not work with most state run CORS networks. Multi-Carrier sim cards are in the works (I will be testing multi-carrier sim cards from DAC3 and Telnyx). The 1NCE Sim Card also seems to work well with the CloudBase modem, however I do not like that it seems to prefer the T-Mobile network most, with an option to roam to AT&T. 1NCE does not roam to Verizon or US Cellular. Industrial or Internet of Things devices such as CloudBase generally do not work with the typical phone plan you'd walk into a phone store and purchase. The modem does not require a plan with a phone number and cannot do text messages in any way - it only requires data.

Q: How do I install my own SIM card / data plan?
A: On the bottom of the CloudBase modem is two phillips head screws. Remove the screws, take off the cover plate, and carefully install the sim card. Make certain the rubber seal is intact before re-installing the cover plate and tightening the phillips screws. Do not over tighten the phillips screws. After installing the sim card you'll need to configure the APN of the cellular carrier you are using in the CloudBase configuration page. The sim username and password is typically left blank. This device does not support texting or calling.

Q: How do I find a source of internet based RTCM3/MSM4 stream for RTK?
A: The best option is a local dealer or independently owned base station and caster. You can buy a base station and use SNIP or RTK2GO. You may also check with local dealers for Novatel, AgLeader, Trimble, Topcon and others; the RTCM3 or MSM4 message types are a very common standard that is cross-compatible between brands. A CloudBase managed RTK base station is also in the works for the United States. Another option is many states have free or very low cost CORS RTK networks, such as Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina and others. You'll need to register for an account with the state and get a username, password, IP address, port number(s), and mount point. Note: state run CORS networks are designed mainly for purposes of surveying and may or may not be adequate or reliable for agricultural purposes. Want to setup your own internet connected base station? I recommend a Novatel base station such as PwrPak7 available through Lance Lefurbe via

Q: How does the CloudBase RTK Modem compare with the Agra-GPS CRG RTK GPS Receiver? 
A: The CloudBase RTK NTRIP Modem is not a GPS receiver; However it directly bolts onto the back of a John Deere StarFire™ GPS Receiver and supplies RTK corrections via the internet, in a similar manner to the modem that is inside most CRG receivers. When the CloudBase Modem or the source of RTK it is connected to has an issue preventing, the operator can get 14 days of RTK Extend (RTK-X) as a backup (similar performance to SF3 or SF-RTK). The CRG goes to WAAS as a backup when RTK does not work.

Q: How do I install the CloudBase modem on my StarFire™ GPS Receiver?
A: The CloudBase modem utilizes the same bolt hole and factory wiring as John Deere RTK Radio 900 and RTK Radio 450. If you have an existing RTK radio or other modem plugged in, it must be unplugged. If you're running a vehicle with an Integrated StarFire™ 7000 or 7500 built into the roof, you'll need to connect the modem to the radio connector in the cab roof.

Q: How do I configure the CloudBase modem?
A: The CloudBase modem is easy to configure with any smartphone or tablet via it's wifi hotspot and web browser based configuration. Simply connect to the CloudBase wifi, open a web browser and go to http://cloudbase-modem.local to view it's status and configure IP address, Port Number, Mount Point, Username and Password, etc. The modem can also be configured on the John Deere monitor as well using the mRTK modem settings. The Baud rate should be set at 19200 for use with John Deere StarFire™ GPS receivers. Using a manual position for GGA strings is for diagnostics purposes only.

Q: Is the CloudBase modem weather-proof?
A: Yes the CloudBase modem is made to be outdoors and has been designed to conform to IP68 dust and water resistance standards. I would recommend not directly blasting any GPS equipment with a pressure washer.

Q: Will the CloudBase get good cellular reception in my area?
A: Most likely yes, much better than your smartphone or tablet. The modem can operate and higher power than smartphones and tablets and has a large internal antenna. The data rate for RTK corrections is very low and thus easier to maintain. After about 15-20 seconds of no data flowing the StarFire™ receiver will move to RTK-X (RTK Extend).

Q: What is the warranty?
A; The CloudBase modem comes with a one year warranty from date of purchase, no physical or electrical damage from outside sources is covered.


No GPS receiver is included with this modem

RTK accuracy and repeatability is determined by many factors. It is up to the end user to understand the variables and risks and assess, maintain and test the RTK provider's equipment along with their own equipment and cellular internet connection.