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John Deere

John Deere RTK Radio 450

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Year Manufactured | Condition and Tested | Hardware Revision | Serial Number

Used John Deere RTK Radio 450 mhz For Sale
Please check description for condition and hardware revision

Fits to: StarFire™ 3000, StarFire™ 6000 and StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 GPS Receivers
Also fits vehicles with Integrated StarFire™ 6000 and Integrated StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 with an extra bracket and roof cap available from your local John Deere dealer's parts department.

Tested and verified to work unless otherwise specified
No warranty on used 450 radios, sometimes radios can fail, especially older Rev A and Rev B hardware. Revision C and the newest Revision "D" radios are the most reliable long term. Revision "D" radios began manufacturing in 2021, I'm unaware of any advantage to them over Revision C radios.

Reminder - you must know if your base station is is the 450mhz range or 900mhz range. The radios are not interoperable. See John Deere RTK Radio 900's For Sale Here