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John Deere

RTK Permanent License - For StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 Universal or Integrated

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RTK Permanent License - For StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 For Sale

Upgrade your StarFire™ 7000 or 7500 SF1 GPS Receiver to RTK Permanent License

SAVE $$$ vs List Price $7,500

For StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 Only
(Note: This license/activation is for modem or radio based 450/900 RTK, CloudBase RTK NTRIP Modem, or DigiFarm RTK, etc. RTK Permanent is NOT for the satellite delivered SF-RTK signal. SF-RTK does not require a permanent license/activation)

This RTK Permanent License will also unlock mRTK for the ability to receive RTCM3 RTK Corrections from an aftermarket modem such as CloudBase.

No shipping, digital activation
Please contact me with your StarFire™ 7000 / 7500 serial number and challenge code after purchase