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John Deere

John Deere GS2 AutoTrac SF1 to AutoTrac Upgrade 049EPC

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John Deere GS2 AutoTrac SF1 to AutoTrac Upgrade For Sale
(Order Code: 049EPC)

This activation enables the owner of a GS2 2100/2600, or GS2 1800 display, to upgrade their display's AutoTrac activation from only being able to utilize SF1 GPS signal, to being able to utilize any higher level signal such as SF2/SF3/RTK.

Sales of all GS2 activations, including this GS2 AutoTrac SF1 to AutoTrac Upgrade Activation, were ended by John Deere on October 31, 2022. However, previously ordered activations can still be activated and transferred until October 2024. GS2 displays will continue to function after October 2024, however no activations will be able to be transferred.

No shipping, digital activation

I can provide the order number to your local John Deere dealer to complete the activation upgrade, or if you provide display serial number and challenge code, I can help facilitate the upgrade process as well