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Agra-GPS CRG RTK GPS Receiver

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Agra-GPS has added a lot of new functionality to the CRG via recent software updates, including implement guidance. Please see the latest user manual:

You MUST have at least a basic technical understanding of GPS and NTRIP RTK systems to use this receiver

HIGHLY RECCOMEND integrated cell modem for the best experience. Integrated modem requires a nanosim with a data plan, less than 1gb per month usage typical. Tested and working with AT&T and Verizon, Verizon requires modem to be put a in a special mode - see pictures for this setting before entering the apn on the modem page.

- OR -
Bluetooth in RTK corrections from your smartphone or tablet:

Agra-GPS iOS Apple iPhone/iPad app

Agra-GPS Android App

- OR -

Run as WAAS only GPS receiver
Estimate 5-6 inch non-repeatble accuracy over ~10 minutes with a clear view of the sky

I'm working with Data Activation Center for data plans with the integrated modem, let me know if you want an AT&T or Verizon sim card pre-installed, or use your own sim card. Data usage should be well under 1GB per month, depending on hours of usage and satellites in solution. Billing for data plan will be direct to you. Recommend 1GB/month data plan for about $300/year. DAC rates:

Agra-GPS is now offering the 1NCE Sim Cards as well at a lower cost than DAC depending on your data usage. Please let me know if you'd prefer the 1NCE Sim Card. I will continue to use DAC in some scenarios. 1NCE only works with T-Mobile, AT&T and some smaller carriers. 1NCE does NOT work with Verizon or US Cellular

Will not work on factory Gator 835M/R mount currently due to lack of bolt clearance. Must unplug integrated StarFire 6000 receiver if using on a new style 2020+ 7R-9R tractor or X series combine. All units are lockable and include keys.

REQUIRES RTCM RTK source, NOT Deere 900 or 450 radios, NOR a Deere base station
Briefly tested with Indiana CORS, Ohio CORS, Michigan CORS and DigiFarm VBN, looks like Kentucky CORS and Iowa RTN will work as well. Please sign up for an account with your state. There may be bugs and issues for some time yet. Can also function on WAAS, approx 5-6 in accuracy over 10 minutes. Can also put up your own Emlid Reach RS2 Base Station and use Emlid Caster or other casters (I don't recommend the Emlid as a base station)

CRG Manual:

CRG Firmware Upgrade Manual:

Cellular Modem Inside CRG Manual:

I recommend a proper base station from Lance at , but in case you want to use the Emlid as a base station, here's the instructions:

Emlid Base Station Setup:

Emlid Base Station Setup Video: